The company “Vybor” is in business of supplying feed additives and vitamins for animals and poultry. The company's goal is to ensure a high level of animal productivity by development of proper nutrition and providing high-quality feed additives.


for cattle

Feed additives
for dairy cows

for poultry

Feed additives
for growing
and feeding poultry

for pigs

Feed additives
for growing
and feeding pigs

herbal remedies

Feed herbal remedies
for prevention
and treatment of animals

The main success factor of the company “Vybor” is the continuous improvement and development of a range of products, which now including feed additives for agriculture, feed additives for poultry, the feed additives for pigs, the feed phosphates, and also the vitamins for animals.

Feed additives for animals from the company “Vybor” allow to achieve an optimal level of specific nutrients in the feed or to rectify a deficiency in vitamins for animals. Feed additives also allow establishing animals’ digestive processes, stimulate liver regeneration and maintain an overall healthy balance of the whole organism.

We offer a wide range of animal feed additives, which distinguish by excellent nutrient content.

Advantages of the company “Vybor”

Our services

analysis of customer’s

Analysis of existing customer issues and selection of suitable options for solving specific problems

selection of

Selection of high-quality import-manufacturers of feed additives at reasonable prices, verification of quality certificates and analysis of product quality

provision of
herbal remedies

Provision of herbal remedies for preventing occurrence of animals and poultry diseases (plant alternative of antibiotics) to reduce further costs

search for
new products

Search for new products and innovative opportunities in the field of application of animal feed additives

Benefit of using animal feed additives

Benefit of the feed additives

It is important to remember, that the feeds, which consist completely of basic raw materials, for example, corn, as an energy source, do not contain a number of important nutrients and are not suitable for optimal livelihood and work. Consequently, in the animals and poultry nutrition, it is necessary to include feed additives to support an organism with minerals, vitamins and certain amino acids in the following areas: feed additives for agriculture, feed additives for poultry, feed additives for pigs, feed phosphates, and also vitamins for animals.

Because of balanced feeding, it is possible to achieve planned productivity indicators of an agricultural enterprise.

It is necessary to use the feed additives for animals rationally and in certain proportions, depending on the settled tasks.

The company “Vybor” offers only high-quality feed additives that contain nutrients in an easily digestible form, do not exert a harmful effect on the organism and in their physicochemical properties correspond to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of animals.

Our news

Feed additives
for poultry

Feed additives for poultry
may contain only 1-3%
of total feed usage.
Even such its quantity
increase livestock safety
up to 14%, and meat yield up to 11%

Feed additives
for pigs

Application of feed additives
for pigs can be
10-25% of total feed usage,
allow significantly
enhance weight gain and yield
meat increases by 10-20%.

Feed additives
for dairy cows

Application of feed additives
for cows, it can be 35%
of total feed usage,
significantly improves
milk quality indicators.

for animals

Vitamins for
farm animals
are indispensable
component in their nutrition.
By the application of
vitamins for animals it can be
improved metabolism and
developed the digestibility of others
important nutrients,
which leads to the growth of

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