Partnership visit to BioPoint (Poland)

In August 2019, representatives of the company “Vybor” visited during business trip their long-standing partner - the company “BioPoint” (Poland). BioPoint was founded in 2002 by a practicing veterinarian - Michal Yankovsky. Today the company is a recognized manufacturer of herbal remedies and phytobiotics at the European market. The success of “BioPoint” is based on the knowledge and experience of veterinarians, the constant interaction with which is a part of the company's strategy. That is feedback that gives the right direction for the improvement and development of products. The collaboration of the “Vybor” and BioPoint companies is backed by a long positive history. The production of BioPoint phytopreparations and phytobiotics is organized with taking into account the policy of ensuring product quality, which is confirmed by the certificates of ISO 9001: 2009 and “Reliable Company”. The company wins prizes in own segment and holds strong leadership. Due to the company “Vybor”, the Ukrainian market gained quality phytobiotics, which nowadays can be used as a replacement of antibiotics or as treatments that enhance their effect. Due to its composition, only from natural components, phytobiotics make meat harmless and maximum useful. Now in the world, the most appreciated is high-quality innovative solutions for achieving maximum results. Upon such criteria the company “Vybor” chooses partners and offers the best and proven phytobiotics, amino acid feed additives, protein supplements and vitamins for animals.
7 October 2019