The company “Vybor” visited the International Exhibition of Effective Livestock and Poultry Farming – The Agro Animal Show in Kyiv.

The participation in exhibitions, seminars and conferences gave the opportunity to keep abreast of the world's leading achievements in the production of feed additives - amino acids, protein supplements, phytobiotics and vitamins for animals. The Agro Animal Show is an annual exhibition that takes place in Kyiv. Its task is to promote innovations in the livestock industry. This year, visitors of the exhibition could become familiar with a wide range of engineering and equipment. In addition, innovative technical developments for livestock enterprises were presented. The exhibition was attended by well-known Ukrainian and international companies. Separately, animals feed additives and veterinary preparations were presented. It was noted that feed additives are an important component in the nutrition of animals. Feed additives can significantly increase productivity, activate growth, allow achieving the genetic potential of the breed, enhancing weight gain, improving the proper functioning of the digestive system, and strengthen immunity. Proper food additives are in the center of animal health, as they create the optimal balance of nutrients in the animal diet. In addition, the usage of feed additives for animals can fill the deficiency in vitamins in the organism of animals and poultry. The company “Vybor” is a supplier of feed additives, amino acids, protein supplements and vitamins for animals and poultry. The company aims to provide a high level of animals and poultry productiveness, and also consults and tutors the rules of the proper construction of animals’ nutrition.  
7 October 2019