The company “Vybor” visited exhibition Eurotier Hanover

Our world is becoming digital; innovation is on the rise at a rapid speed and expands opportunities in animal health field. It is very important to monitor changes and keep abreast of all world achievements. That is why the specialists of the company “Vybor” take part in all major world exhibitions that relate to the directions of the company. The main topic of the Eurotier exhibition, which was held in Hanover, Germany in 2018, was Digital Livestock. Now, the Eurotier exhibition is one of the largest in the world in the animal husbandry and selection field. At the exhibition, the specialists of the company “Vybor” got acquainted with the latest technologies in the field of breeding livestock, production of feed additives, amino acids, protein supplements and vitamins for animals and poultry. Also, the breeding programs were presented and the reproduction techniques were reviewed, there was presented the latest equipment to solve the problems of the animal husbandry (keeping and feeding, maintaining a microclimate, milking and cooling, etc.). As a separate section was presented storage and production of feeds. Now feed additives are step far ahead. Their usage can prevent the occurrence of various animals’ problems. In addition, feed additives have applications and recommendations for the usage. Based on the settled goal, optimal nutrition regime is designed. During the discussions, optimal feeding strategies and usage of feed additives were considered to achieve the stated breed potential. Now the production of feed additives: amino acids, protein supplements and vitamins for animals require a scientifically-based approach; in addition, manufacturers must be very experienced. That is why the company “Vybor” responsible approaches to choosing its partners, analyzing in detail their products and ensuring product quality.  
7 October 2019