Phytobiotics a new nanoproduct from the company “Vybor”

Due to the feedback from our partners and regular customers, and also the proposals of practicing veterinarians, The company “Vybor” launches new products to meet its partners` needs in innovative and effective treatments every year. So, this year the company “Vybor” launched a new line of phytobiotics from the Polish company “BioPoint”. These are innovative phytobiotics supplied by BioPoint to dozens of countries. They are based on substances obtained exclusively from natural sources. This makes phytobiotics not only efficient but also safe. Phytobiotics are designed to solve a wide range of problems with poultry health, and also those problems that cannot be solved with antibacterials. Besides, phytobiotics make possible to combine their usage, thus enhancing the effect of each other. Phytobiotics can also be used with antibacterial therapy to improve the effectiveness of traditional antibacterial drugs.  At the core of photobiotic effectiveness is knowledge about herbs, because their main component is oils, extracts, and extracts from medicinal herbs. To enhance the beneficial properties of medicinal herbs, BioPoint uses its concentrated form - phytoncides. All the ingredients which are in the production of phytobiotics. Phytobiotics are used in the production of meat for human consumption; significantly reduce the use of solutions based on chemicals and antibiotics and make food products safer for the end-user.
7 October 2019