It is used as an addition to live stock food. Wheat and barley are very important components in live stock nutrition. Adding xalinazis into live stock nutrition based on wheat is standard practice and it is aimed to better using of energy and amino acids. In order to improve performances of live stock nutrition based on wheat and starch it is needed to pay attention to sources of vegetarian proteins. Ronozyme WX improves digestibility of these protein sources and it can provide betterment of performances, which is impossible to achieve by adding xalinazis.

By introducing Ronozyme WX as a source of additional energy and amino acids, performances of live stock nutrition can be improved, and costs can be reduced. RONOZYME® WX is an exceptional mono-component xylanase product used for both intestinal viscosity reduction and nutrient release from cereals and cereal by-products.

RONOZYME® WX degrades both soluble and insoluble xylans, a key part of the cell wall structure in cereals. The degradation of the insoluble cell wall results in the release of vital nutrients trapped in the intact plant cells, and the degradation of the soluble xylan significantly reduces the viscosity of intestinal content. In both cases, the result is increased nutrient availability and digestibility. Metabolic energy is significantly increased, e.g., 3% in corn and 6% in wheat in broiler diets.

RONOZYME® WX in swine

When incorporated into swine diets, RONOZYME® WX increases weight gain and improves feed conversion. The result is faster-growing, more efficient and more profitable animals.

RONOZYME® WX in poultry

Supplementing the diets of broiler chicken with RONOZYME® WX will improve the efficiency of feed utilization and reduce feed costs while increasing growth rates. It also improves the consistency of litter, improving the environment for poultry.



RONOZYME ® WX is supplied as granular material of light brown colour, coated thermo stable. The colour may vary depending on the batch which is not an indicator of the product concentration. The product is absolutely compatible with other fodder components. Average size of granular particles is 600 mkm. It is free-flowing and dust-free, ensuring reduced losses during feed manufacture and making it suitable for most feed production processes.


Xylanase activity in the product* 1000 FXU(w)/г

* the minimal declared activity.

More detailed description is available upon request.


Ronozyme ® WX is manufactured according to the recommendations of JECFA and FCC.

Ronozyme ® WX is free from Salmonella.

Recommended dosage

The dosage usually depends on the feed composition, granulation conditions and the desired effect.
100 - 200 g/ton of feed

Standard packing

20 kg multilayer bags or 40 kg cardboard barrels.


Designated activity of Ronozyme WX is unharmed within 12 months from Manufacturing date at temperature of bellow 25 C but shortest 24 months at the temperature bellow 5C, when product is stored in unopened packs. Extended storage on temperature above 30 C should be avoided.


Enzymes are proteins and any ingestion of the m in the form of dust or aerosols may cause sensitivity reactions in sensibilized people. Avoid ingestion, inhalation of dust or direct contact by applying suitable protective measures and personal hygiene.