Wheat and barley are very important ingredients in animal nutrition. Adding xylanazys in live stock nutrition passed on wheat is standard practice and it is aimed to better usage of energy and amino acids. In order to improve live stock performances based on wheat and barley it is needed to pay attention to sources of vegetarian proteins.

Ronozyme VP improves digestibility protein sources and it can provide betterment of performances, which are impossible to achieve by adding of xylanasys. By introducing of Ronozyme VP as a source of additional energy and amino acids, performances of live stock nutrition can be improved and costs reduced. Ronozyme VP color can vary from charge to charge and product color is not a measure of product quality. Mean size of particular is 600 micrometers. However, up to 25% of the total energy of these sources is contained within indigestible cell walls. By helping animals break down these cell walls in the gut, RONOZYME® VP has shown to increase energy utilization by up to 10%.

Breaking down vegetable protein cell walls is a challenge. RONOZYME® VP, which contains a unique blend of enzymes, hemicellulases and pectinases, tackles this challenge well. RONOZYME® VP is an exceptional pectinase product available on the market.

Biological activity

Mechanism of action of Roxazyme G2 involves hydrolysis of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), mainly arabinoxylans and beta glucans, containing in large quantity in wheat, triticale or barley. Water insoluble NPS form complexes with nutrients thus making them unavailable for the endogenous digestive enzymes. In addition, they retain water in the quantities exceeding their own mass and increase the viscosity of the gut content. A jelly-like mucus formed in the upper gut blocks the nutrients circulation and facilitates the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. When large amount of NPS is consumed with feeds the water intake increases, which leads to excessive production of wet droppings in animals. Enzymes, containing Roxazyme G2, destroy NPS НПС, block their antinutrtional activity, which considerable improves feed conversion rates. The application of Roxazyme G2 results in the enhanced digestibility, lower water intake and better nutrients uptake.

Benefits in poultry and swine diets

RONOZYME® VP is effective on both full-fat protein seeds and fat-extracted vegetable protein meals, and delivers big benefits in swine and poultry diets.

Poultry-fed diets supplemented with RONOZYME® VP achieved higher final weights with superior feed conversion. The combination of better weights and lower feed costs mean bigger returns.

As RONOZYME® VP has shown to reduce the viscosity of the diet there are also significant improvements in litter quality. Piglets fed diets containing RONOZYME® VP have shown to achieve up to 12% increases in daily weight gain combined with improved feed conversion.

Recommended dosage

100 g/ton of feed depending on the desired effect and production conditions.

Enzyme activity in the product

50 FBG/g

Containing pectinase and hemicellulase activities

Pharmaceutical form

Free-flowing granular powder

Product storage stability

At a temperature below 25°C the product will maintain its declared activity for at least 24 months when stored in the unopened original container.


20 kg multilayer bags