RONOZYME NP is the latest phytase with a higher release of phytate phosphorus, which allows greater reduction in feed costs through lower inclusion rates of inorganic phosphate. Following extensive trials RONOZYME NP is proven in pig and poultry systems, to improve phosphorus metabolism and performance. In addition, other minerals such as calcium, magnesium and trace minerals that are bound to the phytic acid are released for absorption. The higher intrinsic heat stability allows to survive in the digestive tract during feeding. It has even been shown to deliver higher cost effective results at levels in excess of traditional inclusion rates, offering the chance to further reduce inorganic phosphate supplementation rates for better cost saving.


  • Increases the availability of phosphorus from cereals and oilseeds
  • Reduces the need for inorganic phosphate supplementation
  • Increases performance in pigs and poultry
  • Reduces environmental phosphate pollution
  • More effective at higher inclusion rates than usual, so maximising increases in phosphate digestion

RONOZYME NP is able to work in the animal. Under the harsh conditions experienced in feed manufacture, some enzymes can be degraded or destroyed. RONOZYME NP (CT) with its improved CT formulation has outstanding heat stability up to 95°C. In addition it withstands attack by digestive enzymes in the gut of the animal. It gets to where it benefits the animal.



RONOZYME NP is supplied as coated granules of beige colour. The colour may vary depending on the batch and does not speak of a product concentration. The  product is entirely compatible with other components of the feed stuff. The average size of the granulated particles is 500 mkm. The products is dust-free which makes it more preferable comparing to other  powder-like enzymes.


Phytase* 10000 FYT/g

* the minimal declared activity.

More detailed description is available upon request.


Ronozyme NP is manufactured according to the recommendations of JECFA and FCC.

Ronozyme NP is free from Salmonella.

Recommended dosage

The dosage usually depends on the feed composition, granulation conditions and the desired effect.

90 g/ton of the feed for laying hens

150 g/ton of the feed for broilers and pigs

Standard packing

20 kg multilayer bags or 40 kg cardboard barrels.


Designated activity of Ronozyme NP is unharmed within 12 months from Manufacturing date at temperature of bellow 25°C but shortest 24 months at the temperature bellow 5°C, when product is stored in unopened packs. Extended storage on temperature above 30°C should be avoided.


Enzymes are proteins and any ingestion of the m in the form of dust or aerosols may cause sensitivity reactions in sensibilized people. Avoid ingestion, inhalation of dust or direct contact by applying suitable protective measures and personal hygiene.