L-Theronine (98,5%) feed grade belongs to the group of essential limiting aminoacids. There is insufficient content of threonine in the plant proteins, so to compensate for its deficiency in the organism it is recommended to supplement feed with the crystalline form of threonine.
L-Threonine (98,5%) is used in the diets for all kinds of animals, especially for manufacturing feed for pigs. It helps to maintain the optimum metabolism of proteins. L-Threonine in combination with aspartic acid and methionine is involved into metabolism of fats, formation of collagen and elastin as well as production of antibodies. L-Threonine influences the muscle growth and effectiveness of meat production. Besides, L-Threonine is one of several possible precursors of nonessential aminoacid glycinin.

L-Threonine (98,5%) is hydroxy-amino acid, which is important for proteins metabolism. L-Threonine is found in various proteins (immunoglobulins, digestive enzyms etc.) in the organism of animals and facilitates the uptake of other aminoacids. The deficiency of threonine in the animals lead to the decrease of feed consumption and fatness, exhaustion, gastro-intestinal disorders, bad development of muscle tissues etc.


Appearance White colored granules
Loss on Drying 1.5%
Purity 98.5%
Moisture (max.) 1.5%
Solubility 90g/l in H2O at 20°C
Nitrogen, % 11.76
L-Threonine 98.5%
Crude Protein [N x 6.25] 72.4%
Metabolizable Energy    
  kcal/kg MJ/kg
Poultry 3490 14.6
Swine 3700 15.5


Store in unopened original packaging in cool, dry areas.

Shelf life

2 years from date of manufacture.


25 kg bags