DL-Methionine (99%) is a crystalline powder that can be flexen, gray or hazel in colour. It is well-dissoluble in diluted mineral acids, caustic alkalis and ammonia, but poorly dissoluble in water. DL- Methionine (99%) preparation is fully available for animals. An organism uses it as the source of sulfur, and also for fat and albumen metabolism. It participates in formation of serine, cystine and choline, that are essential for the growth and reproduction of red blood cells (erythrocytes), for the forming of bird feather, and it prevents the fatty regeneration of liver. 


When laying hens change feather, they need badly methionine. In case deficiency of methionine in the organism of animals and poultry, there appear a loss of appetite, anaemia, atrophy of musculature, fatty liver, dysfunction of kidney, reduction of breeding efficiency, reduction of growth rate of the young animals and of mature poultry productivity, disorder of poultry feathering and ability to get feathering (ruffle feathers, their dullness, frailness and falling out). As a result, a low efficiency of fodder use is observed. The formation of white-egg is retarded and, therefore, reduces mass of eggs. There appear the distortion of lipidic exchange, which is characterized by the fatty infiltration and the dystrophy of liver. At the simultaneous lack of vitamin E the deficit of methionine results in development of chickens’ muscular dystrophy and dermatitis of feet.


Item Result Standard
Appearance crystalline powder with a specific odour crystalline powder with a specific odour
Methionine 99% >=99%
Water and volatile substances 0,03% <=0,3%
Ashes 0,3% <=0,5%
Fraction, 1 mm mesh 0,01% 0,05%
Cyanide derivatives < 0,25 ppm <= 2 mg/kg
Arsenic - <= 2 mg/kg
Fluorine 8 ppm <= 100 mg/kg
Lead 0,2 ppm <= 5 mg/kg
Cadmium 0,01 <= 0,3 mg/kg
Mercury 0,04 ppm <= 0,1 mg/kg


Methionine is delivered in 25 kg bags.