High Protein Feed Additives

Soybean High Protein Meal (SPC) 60%, 65%, 66,7%

Soybean products are the primary plant protein source used in animal feed. Restrictions in the use of animal protein have led to an increase in their use. The usage of soybean meal has increased, on average, 5% per year over the past three years. Many different types of soy products are marketed and used in the feed industry.

Fishmeal 64%, 65%, 67%, 70%, 72%

High quality fishmeal is recognized by animal nutritionists as an excellent source of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. Worldwide, millions of tons of fishmeal are produced annually.

Wheat gluten

Wheat gluten белок is the protein residue remaining after wet extraction of nonprotein components from wheat meal.

Potato protein (80%)

Potato protein (80%) is a feed material obtained as a result of the thermal-acidity coagulation of the potato juice of the cellular, dried off to the dry matter content min. 90%.

Pea protein (55%)

Pea protein — protein fraction, obtained after dry method processing of pea seed.