CSP is used in the form of grit (grade “G”). It is applied to supplement feed for all kinds of farm animals and poultry. It’s also used for feedmix enrichment, including those for fish of industry-growth, and it’s used for animal feeding mixed with the concentrated products, silage, bagasse, green fodders, grinded edible roots.

Advantages of CSP compared to other mineral sources of phosphorus:

  •  it eliminates the deficit of calcium, phosphorus, sodium in the organism of livestock, containing the minimum concentrations of heavy metals and harmful elements;
  • it helps to increase the digestion of natural forage nutrients;
  • it helps to strengthen the skeleton of livestock and poultry, and for certain increases the quality of shells of the intensive productive poultry;
  • a lemon-soluble form of CSP good dissolves in a gastrointestinal content even at low acidity in a stomach, i.e. CSP can be used for feeding of young animals with a naturally hypoxemia, and also can be used at partial dysfunction of formation and selection of acids in a stomach;
  • it can de characterized by an increased productive effect, the lowest cost of mass unit of assimilable phosphorus among the known phosphoprous-containing additives;
  • the contraindication to application are absent

CSP has been tested by leading scientific establishments of the CIS, and got positive recommendations to be used. The product is certificated and permitted to application. The daily rates of consumption are to be determined in farms, in taking the specific character of their production into account. Additional feeding stuff is gradually introduced into the diet within 3 to 5 days.

Increase of animals’ productivity by application of CSP, grade "G"

Animal type productivity increase, %
Calves 7
Pigs 8-9
Milk productivity 18-20
Broilers 16-18
Egg yield 20-22

Specification for Calcium sodium phosphate, Grade "G"

  Mass fraction
Grade "G"
Total phosphates, (Р2О5), min. 41-43
Phosphates in a lemon-soluble form, (Р2О5),  min. 38
Total phosphorus (Р) 19
Calcium (Са), min. 30-32
Sodium (Na), min. 5
Fluorine (F), min. 0,2
Arsenic (As), min. 0,0002
Lead (Pb), min. 0,002
Mercury (Hg), min. 0,00001
Cadmium (Cd), min. 0,00004
Grain size distribution fraction up to 1,5-0,1 mm, min. 85%


CSP grade “G” is delivered in big-bags, 1000 kg.