2010.02.07 PIE Vybor at «KievAgriHort 2010»

There was the 13th International Exhibition of Agriculture and Horticulture «KievAgriHort 2010» held in Kiev from Feb. 2nd till Feb. 5th.

This international event in the sphere of agriculture was officially supported by the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, The committee of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine in the area of agricultural policy and land relations; The Association of farmers and private landowners of Ukraine, Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Support Department of Trade and Investments of The Embassy of Poland.
All the honorary guests put a strong emphasis in their speeches on the importance of KievAgriHort 2010 being held, as for the time of its existence it has become one of the most essential events of the agricultural community.

The leading experts of PIE “Vybor“ were in this annual exhibition too, where they met up with their business partners, conducted meaningful dialogues, got to know about new trends on the feed additives and fodder market, in the field of livestock and poultry.

We strongly believe that the participation in such an exhibition makes a powerful platform for effective business communication with feed additives consumers, fodder manufacturers, and with the specialists in the related sectors and representatives of the government institutions.

Note, that there were 130 companies from 17 countries of the world which took part in «KievAgriHort 2010». In three active days the exhibition was visited by 10 000 experts from all over the world.

We moved to a new office!

Starting from March, 2009 the head office of PIE Vybor has got a new address:No. 60/1 Proletarskaya Street, office 6.

Our new office is located in an old part of the town, not far from Ilyinskaya Church. We greet all our colleagues and wish to realize all the plans for a thriving future!

From the 3rd till the 5th of February 2010 The 6-th International exhibition “INTERAGRO 2010” took place in Kiev. The subject matter of the exhibition covered all the areas of activities of the agro-industrial complex and was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs of Germany and the Government of France.
In the course of six years this major winter agricultural exhibition in Ukraine has gained the reputation of one of the leading international exhibitions in this segment. It has entered the list of top exhibitions where the companies being the main suppliers of agricultural equipment and up-to-date process design makers for agrarian complex take part.

By all means, PIE Vybor staff members could not but attend such a significant exhibition of the remunerative highly effective agriculture which contributed to establishing business contacts with feed additives consumers and feedstuff manufacturers. PIE Vybor held meetings with managing directors and specialists of livestock and poultry facilities, fodder factories, scientists and experts, and with the representatives of the fodder manufacturing companies.

This event has become a high point aimed at promotion of modern technologies within agro-industrial complex and offers the more complete range of agricultural equipment and cutting edge research and development projects for profound agrarians.  The exhibition presents the fundamental strategies of innovative development of the world agricultural machinery and makes a unique trading floor for concluding contracts of delivery of modern contemporary and foreign equipment.

Within the framework of the exhibition there were conferences, roundtable discussions and seminars held, intended to improve the effectiveness of the agrarian sector activity. They were companies from Great Britain, Germany, France, Rumania, Italy and Ukraine which presented their achievements for the agrarians.

From the 2nd till the 5th of February 2010 there was The 15th Anniversary International specialized commercial and industrial exhibition “Grain-Fodder-Veterenary-2010” held in Moscow in the showroom No. 57 of The Russian National Expo Center.
This exhibition, being held regularly since 1996, has become a major customized forum in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. Here achievements of foley trends of agro-industrial complex are being introduced and breach issues of the branch are being considered. What is more this arrangement allows defining the basic tendencies of the market development in the field of agriculture.
In the framework of the exhibition there were issue-related seminars, roundtables and conferences held.

Every year our company visits this exhibition, and as far as our specialists are concerned it is going to become a determinant event in the threshold of the ushering in the agricultural season of this year.

During the exhibition we had several important and successful negotiations with foreign suppliers regarding supplying, sales and cooperation, what contributed to the reinforcement of international partnership and experience exchange.

We did enjoyed meeting up with our long term suppliers and domestic clients, who managed to visit Moscow that day, and to acquiring new contacts which would facilitate us to realize our new joint projects. Due to this exhibition we managed to broaden our business connections considerably, including related markets.
The exhibition indeed had a lot to introduce: technologies and equipment for cropping, transporting, storage and processing of grain; agro chemicals and agricultural equipment; raw materials, technologies and equipment for cereal products: flour, grits and fodder;   grain elevators and corn mowing machines; mills, fodder and groats mills; fodders for agricultural and domestic cattle, poultry and fish; veterinary equipment, medications, instruments and service; packing equipment and materials; technology and equipment for livestock.

The territory of Russian National Expo Center is traditionally the main platform for introducing the novelties and achievements in agriculture.