About company


PIE Vybor has been a trusted supplier of a wide range of agriculture related feed additives to global and domestic customers for over 14 years. Founded in 1999, PIE Vybor serves the diverse feeding needs of farmers and livestock companies across Ukraine and currently has three trading offices and field marketing specialists with a well-run distribution network across Ukraine.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and services. We managed to succeed in it thanks to stable quality of the goods we sell which is set at the world standard level and thanks to one of our main principles which is delivery of the goods in the shortest possible time.

The key principles of our effective performance are:

  • team-work of marketing department and logistics;
  • estimation of the most appropriate delivery-routes;
  • choice of the most suitable transportation;
  • comprehensive planning of transportation;
  • economically well-thought out transport processes and combination of various types of transport;
  • cooperation with professional forwarding agents;
  • due issuance and framing of transport agreements.


During years of activities on the agricultural market the number of companies which collaborate with PIE Vybor on the regular and long-term basis has increased considerably. Our loyal customers include major poultry farms, fodder manufacturers, complexes for pigs raising and fattening, oil and fat extracting factories.

What we value

  • Honesty and straight talk;
  • Mutual benefit;
  • Rational compromise;
  • Unconditional fulfillment of our obligations.

We are ready for you

  • Arrange the goods supply
    via our regional warehouses network
    across Ukrainе
  • Provide further support
    and scientific consulting
  • Insure individual approach
    and establish mutually
    beneficial collaboration


Our goal is

To provide you with the goods of a high quality and excellent service as well as competitive advantage:

  • a maximum possible wide range of feed additives, food ingredients and chemical goods;
  • high-quality supplies of fodder industry, husbandry and poultry farming with the fodder components (feed phosphates, feed yeast, amino acids, microelements and vitamins needed to insure balanced feeding);
  • the best price-quality trade-off of the goods we offer;
  • well thought-out approach to pricing policy;
  • flexible approach to the needs a customer;
  • regular monitoring of the quality of the goods supplied;
  • reliability and efficacy within fulfillment of our partner obligations;
  • long-term relations with end users;
  • consulting and information support of our customers in terms of goods we sell and new products.